Our fun, action-packed classes are divided by age allowing your child to benefit from age-specific curriculum suited best for their stage of development. Children will learn to set goals and learn how to work hard to achieve them by earning rank in their programs. Each class contains an important life talk giving them a solid foundation for development and values to confront various life experiences. Club MMA believes that an exciting atmosphere paired with positive reinforcement will lead to a childs success no matter what their skill level.

Club MMA is more than just martial arts...



Martial Arts will teach your child to treat others with respect and dignity. At Club MMA, we bow for respect before we enter and exit the mat and explain to students why this is important. Students learn seemingly simple skills like how to shake hands and look someone in the eye. They are taught to respect not only others but themselves.



Walking on the mat as a beginner, sparring another student, wrestling the advanced kid in class…all these things take courage! Sometimes learning a new move isn’t easy, but your child will be encouraged and applauded when they have the guts to do it!



Martial Arts teaches kids how to appropriately act while playing games and sports. Kids need to be taught how to win and how to lose. We give children the opportunity to practice sportsmanship with guided help from our coaching staff.


Martial Arts is one of the rare sports that has the ability to teach your child how to be part of a team without the pressure associated with regular team sports. Many kids find the pressure of achievement hard with team sports but martial arts lets kids achieve goals on their own time line, while still allowing them to be part of the team.


Physical Activity

It’s hard in todays world of tablets and television to encourage your child to get off the couch. Martial Arts keeps your kid active and having fun at the same time.



Martial Arts will teach your child the physical moves to defend themselves and teaches them what to look out for by frequently discussing stranger awareness and bully proofing.



Positive reinforcement paired with accountability for actions and achievement results in increased confidence. This priceless side effect of Martial Arts is often the best part! Parents usually find their child speaking up being more confident with peers, adults and at school.

Overcoming Obstacles

When your child has a difficult wrestling match and continues to work or your child gets hit and doesn’t quit or get mad, you’ll be beaming in pride. These lessons will easily translate to the outside world and make your kid better for it!



As your child grows in martial arts, leadership is taught and expected. Kids become role models for lower belt ranks in class and at Club MMA we teach students how to teach and lead others as they progress in rank.


Goal Setting

Kids will learn to set goals and they’ll learn it’s up to them to achieve them. Martial Arts is a lot of fun, but just like everything in life there will be a time your child gets tired or doesn’t want to go. They’ll learn to overcome those moments to achieve their goals. Hard work is hard but it does pay off!

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