Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Club MMA’s most popular program, this traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitus program teaches positions, transitions, sweeps, escapes, take-downs and submissions. Club MMA is an affiliate of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu America and Will-Machado BJJ.


Certified Member of IBJJF



Tuesday, 7:30pm: beginner

Tuesday, 6:30pm: advanced

Wednesday, 11:30am: all ranks

Wednesday, 6:30pm: Teen

Thursday, 7:30pm: beginner & Teen

Thursday, 6:30pm: advanced

Friday, 11:30am: all ranks

Saturday, 10:00am Open Mat




MMA / No-Gi

Well Rounded Mixed Martial Arts Program.
Teaches striking, clinch, take downs and grappling. Our MMA & No-Gi classes are available as an add on to one of our 3 main programs.



Monday, 8:30pm - No-Gi

Tuesday, 8:30pm - MMA




Muay Thai

Progressive program for those who want to get it shape and those who want to fight competitively. Curriculum includes teaching the art of Muay Thai punches, knees, elbows and kicks. Program is certified under the legendary Master Toddy.



Monday, 6:30pm: Teen

Monday, 7:30pm: all ranks

Wednesday, 7:30pm: all ranks & Teen

Saturday, 10:00am Open Mat




Filipino Martial Art that teaches self-protection skills using weapons and empty hand tactics.



Wednesday, 8:30pm








We’ll punch, kick, squat and push your way into a healthier lifestyle in our Fitness Kickboxing class.

We also have a circuit room available for self-guided workouts that are written out by a coach each day.



Monday, 6:30pm

Wednesday, 6:30pm

Saturday, 8:00am


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